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Recording artiste Feedo has official launched a non conventional promotional campaign for his new single ‘Poor Life’. While other artistes promote their music through dance competitions and simple social media campaigns, Feedo is granting $25,000.00 to a lucky student who can write an essay or letter outlining one issue faced by inner city youths and state one way they can overcome this issue.


The responses to this topic must be in relation to Feedo’s new single and video for ‘Poor Life’ on the ‘Rum N Boom Riddim’ produced by Journey Music. Feedo said “I grew up in Dunkirk Redsquare in Kingston where I was neighbour to Spragga Benz; I learned a lot but I also grew up in poverty. I worked very hard and was able to elevate and I am now establishing myself as a recording artiste”. Feedo added that he wants students to express themselves through writing. He added “This competition is not just about promoting my single but it will help to create awareness and open up a conversation about solutions to problems inner city youths face”.


The competition is open to students’ ages 12 – 16 years old. It requires them to write an essay or letter about any one issue faced by inner city youths and how they can overcome them making reference to Feedo’s single and video for ‘Poor Life’. The essays must be 500 – 600 words and submitted to

info.taylormadepr@gmail.com by April 16, 2018 at 5pm. The first place winner will receive $25,000.00 and 2nd place will receive $10,000.00


For more information on the competition and to listen to ‘Poor Life’ students can subscribe to YouTube.com/FeedoMusic, follow on Twitter @feedomusic, Instagram @Iamfeedo, and www.Facebook.com/feedomusic.

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