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Sunset Rave now in its 4th year will be highlighting several Jamaican restaurants at their next staging. The popular brunch event held in Tollgate Clarendon annually has grown tremendously and is known for its delicious cuisine. For this year’s staging, the promoter of the event will feature Terrence Bar and Grill, Fyahside Jerk and Gizmos, all of which will offer different food options.

Promoter Marvin Edwards of Fresh Events believes that each restaurant will bring something different to the table. He said, “Terrance Bar and Grill will be providing creative delicious bite size meals, Fyahside Jerk will be serving up food from the jerk pit and Gizmos will serve up a variety of tasty pasta as well as tacos”.

While there are several food inclusive events in Clarendon, Sunset Rave prides itself in placing emphasis on the taste and overall presentation of the food. Edwards added “We were very selective in the restaurants we choose to partner with. We want to ensure that we provide a premium party experience for all those in attendance, so the restaurants are all up to standard”.

In addition to the prepared foods, Sunset Rave will showcase live cooking for a few main dishes. Patrons can eat all they want coupled with great music for as low as $2500. The event is slated for Sunday, March 29, 2020 from 12 pm – 7pm at Fyah Side Jerk in Tollgate, Clarendon. Patrons can purchase tickets online at firstinline.com or at Fyahside Jerk in Clarendon, Gizmos Chillspot in Mandeville, Fine Point in Old Harbour, Terrace Bar & Grill in Kingston, Tigermarket in May Pen, and Fine Prints in May Pen. Ticket deliveries are also made available through Quikk Errand Services.

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