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With a successful closing to 2020, author of ‘SHE’, Patrice Simpson is eager to continue her journey as an author and motivator. Simpson who reigns from Falmouth recently donated her books to Women of Destiny Ja’s Little Big Sister Mentorship Program, which involves young ladies from various parishes across Jamaica being mentored by their Destiny Helpers (mentors). They created a Care Package for all their Destiny Seekers (mentees). Within those care packages, they have included a copy of ‘SHE’ that these women can use in their personal development as young ladies.

The move comes as Patrice continues to use her growing platform to motivate ladies who had challenging times. “I had a particularly challenging childhood, my father migrated to England when I was six years old and it affected me greatly. I held on to a lot of toxicity, especially through my teenage years. I got pregnant in 2017 and I was unemployed and vowed to take care of my child the best way I knew how to”, said Patrice. The author added that she self-motivated and was eager to change her life, so she started to write vignettes that covered the struggles that her five sisters, female friends, and herself faced over the years.

‘SHE’ covers themes such as depression, anxiety, verbal, and physical abuse, among others. “This book became my solace and helped me to change. I believe this was necessary to help other young women like myself to pull through some of the issues we face daily”, said Patrice. One of the most popular vignettes is titled ‘Fly Butterfly Fly’ which speaks to a woman who overcame everything that was meant to destroy her. Patrice added, “Readers love this particular piece because it portrays the life of a true survivor, someone who won’t give up even when the odds are against her”.

‘SHE’ is a self-published book featuring 70 vignettes with the Kindle version available on Amazon and paperback versions available in selected stores in Jamaica. She has been featured on several local and international television and radio programmes highlighting her book which verified readers have dubbed ‘inspirational’. She can be followed on Instagram @triciiwrites.

For more information, please contact
Email:        info.taylormadepr@gmail.com
Telephone: 876-669-5634/ 876-833-5444


Patrice Simpson is now a full-time mom, published author, and publisher (as she self-published her first book). For her, the journey does not end here, it has only just begun. She encourages young girls to forgive their mistakes and believe in their abilities because nothing is impossible. Patrice currently resides in the town of Falmouth with her family. Her dream is to continue writing.

About the Cover

The cover was designed by Jodi-Ann Dyer (Owner of Jodale Designs) and features a young lady in a peaceful garden holding a butterfly. The purple outfit she has on represents ambition, nobility, and Patrice’s former school – St.Hilda’s Diocesan High School. The cover also has sentimental value as the butterfly represents endurance, change, hope, and life.

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