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With the recent passing of dancer Bumpa during a dancehall stunt gone wrong, many have chastised how dancers in Jamaica conduct stunts during street dances. While emotions run wild, dancehall duo RDX was recently praised by international recording artiste Snoop Dog for their single ‘Set Good’ which he describes as a “Big tune”. A section of the video for ‘Set Good’ was reposted on Snoop Dog’s Instagram page and within a few hours over 1 million views were garnered.

The video features several top Jamaican dancers performing stunts with their partners. “We appreciate and have supported dancers from the inception of our careers so what happened to Bumpa was indeed a tragedy. When we shot this video, we had the dancers work with other dancers that they are familiar with. They know the stunts well and they rehearse” said Renigade of RDX. The artistes who are clearly distraught by the news also want to urge all dancers to be safe and responsible.

Along with the success of ‘Set Good’,of which the official music video is nearing 1 Million views on Youtube, RDX has released the singles ‘Socks & Slippers’ produced by Blaqk Sheep and ‘Pro Box’ produced by Louie V. Both singles have been receiving great reviews from fans worldwide and have led to the submission of fan videos from Europe to Africa. With what is predicted to be a busy year for RDX, Delomar said “We thrive to bring quality content to our fans as our catalog suggests, but honestly haven’t been as visible as expected. 2020 will be massive though, that’s a promise”. The duo has begun their promotional runs for both singles and can be followed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @RDXMusic.

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