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Reggae recording artiste Hezron will be sharing an intimate live performance on his Instagram page on the 29th of November 2018 at 8pm. He is set to perform his more popular singles and fan favourites such as ‘So In Love’; ‘Forever and Always’; ‘Two Places’; ‘Can’t Tek Di Pressure’; ‘Warriors Heaven’; ‘Can’t Come Between’; ‘Mobay’ and ‘Taxi Driver’ to name a few.

The ‘Mobay’ artiste who has always been a lover of live music shared that he believes that his ability to perform on live shows showcases his skills as a true musician. “Hype TV Production is responsible for this live event so it will be streamed on my social platforms and theirs as well. I understand that the use of social media is essential in promoting my music so I teamed up with them to make this a wholesome experience for my fans worldwide who may not have been able to see me perform before” said Hezron.

The song bird who is actively promoting his new single ‘Life Is A Poker Game’ also shared that he mainly performs on live shows when he travels overseas. He added “Live music allows you to really touch the hearts of your fans. It makes them feel the beat and your energy and I believe it has the power to create a longer lasting impression on any patron who partakes”.

Hezron’s last album was released in October 2017 called ‘The Life I Live Continues (Soulful Salvation)’ which consisted of 17 tracks. He is now focused on promoting his new singles ‘Life Is A Poker Game’ produced by LTK20 Records and will commence his media runs soon. You can keep up with Hezron on Facebook at Hezron Clake, Twitter @iamhezron and Instagram @iamhezron

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