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International dancehall recording artiste Feedo has been very vocal about this journey from a life of poverty to a now flourishing music career. The artiste who is known for the single ‘Happy’ has released another powerful single called ‘Poor Life’. The single on the ‘Rum N Boom Riddim’ produced by Journey Music speaks to the life of poverty and the importance of excelling.

‘Happy’ on the ‘Pile Up Riddim’ produced by Yellow Moon Records spoke about lavish living however Feedo  wanted to show more stating “People see material things but they forget how hard we all have to work to achieve greatness. I released Poor Life because I wanted to share my story and struggle and show youths that they can elevate and be better”.

The video for the single was predominately shot among fans of Feedo on Spanish Town Road in Kidd Lane with complimentary shots done in the United States. “I am from Dunkirk Redsquare in Kingston but I cherish the support I received from community members in Kidd Lane so I felt the need to in turn support them” said Feedo. Shoot and directed by Ronnie Homer of Ahtik Studios and Zazan Zazan of I Am Production, the video showcased local comedians and children. Feedo added “I love kids and I love to see the community come together so showcasing that in my video was a privilege”.

‘Poor Life’ distributed by Journey Music Distribution Company is now available for sales, streaming and download online and has been receiving support locally and internationally. The single will be one of the 8 selected tracks to be placed on Feedo’s EP scheduled to be launched in May 2018. Feedo can be found on social media through Twitter @feedomusic, Instagram @Iamfeedo, and

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