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Jamaican born comedian Rohan Gunter has successfully launched his monthly standup comedy series in Florida titled ‘Gigglez’. The first staging in February of this year was held at the new home to the series, Garden Night Club in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida. With the likes of popular comedians such as Ridiculous, Ryan Barrett, Chicken George and Gunter himself, ‘Gigglez’ had a great turn out and was well received.

The event planned under Rohan Gunter’s promotional and planning company Projex MyGreat has a mixture of local and international talents. He said, “This event was conceptualized to assist in cultural retention for Jamaicans here in Florida as well as to introduce some of the comical aspects of Jamaican lifestyle to a new audience”.

Gunter is also looking to feature more Jamaican talents stating “I love Jamaica and as a talent who received my start up through a Jamaican comedy competition I am very much enthused about opening the door for new comedians coming into the business”. Gunter advises that ‘Gigglez’ also embraces new acts through the ‘Open Mic’ segment that begins at 8pm each show. This segment allows for anyone to share jokes on the spot. He said “We have seen some great new acts and some not go great ones but it is all in the name of fun”.

Gunter’s big break came in 2006, when Si Wi Yah Entertainment, co-owned by Jamaican comedian, Christopher Johnny Daley, created a competition called the ‘Comedy Buss’ for young, aspiring, stand up comedians. Gunter won the competition and began his media runs followed by school tours in that year. He has since won the International Reggae and World Music Award (IRAWMA) for ‘Comedian of the Year Award’ in 2015 and 2016.

For new dates and ticketing information on ‘Gigglez’ you can visit Facebook Rohan Mnl Gunter, Twitter @GunterNahLaugh and Instragram @GunterNahLaugh.

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