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Fans have been adjusting to a smoother side of QQ with his recent release of ‘I Like It’. The single produced by College Boiz Productions and QQ Music is different from QQ’s more upbeat singles such as ‘One Drop’, ‘Jack Hammer’ and ‘Kushi Wine’ to name a few.

The artiste who has been absent from the Jamaican dancehall scene for a while has been performing on several major stages in the United States and Europe. He said “I want to show a different side to my music but whether it is singer or not, I am all about pleasing my female fans”. The single on the ‘Precious Seeds Riddim’ has been receiving favourable response from fans worldwide. The ‘One Drop’ star is set to perform in Guyana in October and Barcelona, Spain in November.

QQ has several new projects and is back in Jamaica to shoot music videos related to those projects. He added “My last video was Kushi Wine but people still talk about my video for Tweety Bird directed by Strugu Films overseas”.

‘I Like It’ is available for purchase on several digital platforms. QQ can be followed on, Instagram and Twitter @qqworld

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