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Reggae recording artiste Elihu Morris released his single ‘Any Little Man’ back in 2020 and has been promoting ever since. The single is co-produced by Morris’ Shamalki Roots Production and Andrew Bassie Records has been making its rounds in Canada, UK, and the USA in states such as Florida, Atlanta, New York, and Baltimore to name a few.

The artiste who reigns from Craig Town, near to Trench Town has believes that his music has longevity and aims to promote them in multiple markets worldwide. Elihu Morris said, “Reggae is universal, so my music is created with that in mind. Often when you are in Jamaica you are moved to think that only what is appreciated in Jamaica is what is trending worldwide, but this is not always the case even for Reggae. Reggae has many layers and I have grown an appreciation for it over the years and applied this appreciation to my tracks”.

‘Any Little Man’ speaks to ‘resilience’. “This song speaks to the struggles of the youths in inner city communities and their will to survive. I grew up facing poverty and being exposed to gang violence, so I understood what it meant to fight the good fight in the ghetto; what I want to do is speak to keeping the faith even when times seem difficult”, said Elihu Morris.

Elihu Morris is also known for his single ‘How You Cold So’, ‘Got To Be Me’, and ‘What A Love’. He is looking towards the release of his new single ‘On Your Side Of Town’ on August 8th which can be described as an “old school hit” with a “new school flavour”.

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