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With several memes trending online surrounding the recent cases of murder suicide in relationships, Courtney ‘Elihu’ Morris is shunning the act and

sharing his belief that more can be done to reduce the number of these cases. The Jamaican born, US based reggae recording artiste believes that those in authority need to create strong campaigns surround mental health to help men deal with domestic issues.

The singer/songwriter also released his new single ‘How You Cold So?’ which he describes as how men feel about women who use them and are more concerned with vanity as oppose to love. Courtney ‘Elihu’ said “Several of my colleagues have shared stories with me of women who use them and leave after they receive benefits. It takes a strong heart and mental state to get over something like this”.

The ‘How You Cold So?’ artiste is now urging government and health-based agencies to pay more attention to the issue of mental health as they would issues such as hypertension and diabetes. He added, “Depression, anxiety and panic disorders are all health conditions that are common but not treated with the urgency and care as other everyday conditions. I would like to see more policies and campaigns that speak to helping men and women alike to cope with relationship issues and overall other social issues”. Courtney ‘Elihu’ Morris is now on the promotional trail to publicize his new single and hopes to spark a conversation on new policies for men with mental conditions. He can be followed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @CourtneyElihuMorris.

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