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CHEETAH™ Toys & More, LLC (“CHEETAH™) has awarded seven (7) students cash prizes of $62,000.00 JMD each after they topped their respective regions in the ‘PEP CHEETAH Challenge Scholarship’ Competition held in May of this year.

The Challenge geared at students taking the PEP Exam consisted of a diagnostic and practice test done over several weeks along with daily questions, prior to the final test spread over a two-day period. Paulette Trowers, the Founding Director of CHEETAH stated, “This second annual ‘challenge scholarship’ is the perfect tool for us to achieve the dual goals of giving back to the community while helping students to prepare for an important test during their transition from primary to high school”. Dr. Kasan Troupe, Acting Chief Education Officer at The Ministry of Education, Youth, and Information, in addressing CHEETAH said, “we are grateful for this support and proud of your contribution in creating social change for our students, and we are impressed with the impact CHEETAH has had on the Jamaican education system”.

The ‘PEP CHEETAH Challenge Scholarship’ competition is a collaborative effort with Smart Term that provided a robust and user-friendly learning management system, The I Believe Initiative (Kingston Cohort) that helped with marketing efforts, and the Tasrell and Josephine


Trowers Foundation was created in honour of Trowers’ parents. “You cannot imagine the joy our team felt when we learnt that some of our awardees received top marks and two of them namely, Laci-Ann Robinson from Yabnel Care Centre, Manchester, and Ajaunie Scott from Wakefield Primary School, St. Catherine who used our prep materials received 100% in the actual PEP Exams. This further motivates us to ramp up our efforts alerting more students about the scholarships, developing content, and investing more in our children” added Trowers.

CHEETAH is also one of the few Jamaican companies, if not the only known one, that has its own brand of Google-certified phablets (tablets with phones). These phablets make calls and use SIM cards with data plans, contain content (some of which are approved by the Ministry of Education), and each is outfitted with a kickstand case, protective front screen, and an OTG Connector. Trowers said, “Another complimentary add-on is content – some of which is exclusive to our devices and in line with our holistic approach, evidencing our dedication to our motto of ‘beating the competition in access to education”.

Content on CHEETAH’s phablets ranges from eBooks from the Ministry of Education to CHEETAH’s interactive testing apps in Math, Science, and Ability. CHEETAH which is an acronym for Connect to Higher Education Electronic Tools Application and Help, vows to continue adding culturally sensitive content in different modalities.  The company is excited about its future and will continue to work with partners to bring innovation and technology to classrooms within Jamaica, improve on prior versions of its books and introduce animations.

Telephone: 876-833-5444/876-669-5634
Facebook:   /TaylorMade876
Instagram:  @TaylorMade876


CHEETAH™ Toys & More, LLC (“CHEETAH™) is a registered corporation operating since 2014 in the education and technology industries, with legal presence both within the United States of America and Jamaica, WI. The company was formerly registered in 2006 as American Secondary Schools Application Process, with CHEETAH™ as the charitable arm. It was reorganized and renamed in 2014 to accurately reflect the growth, new and improved proprietary products, and corporate strategic goals. CHEETAH’s™ founder and managing director, Paulette Trowers-Lawrence, JD, is a Jamaican native with 30 years of progressive corporate experience. CHEETAH™ is the marketing name for CHEETAH™ Toys & More Jamaica Limited, CHEETAH™ Toys & More, LLC, and CHEETAH™ Purrrrrrr Publishing).

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