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I have not made a blog post for some time. There is simply no excuse for this but, bad time management. I normally use the excuse that I am way too busy to write a blog or even launch my vlog but in recent times I realize I was doing it all wrong. In my pursuit to fix my problem, I approached several serial entrepreneurs like myself to help. It came down simply to good time management skills. Time Management is really the process of planning and managing how much time is spent on each activity. I read an interesting article from Bryan Collins called ‘How To Use The 4Ds of Effective Time Management’ and I thought it was quite interesting. These 4 D’s are:Do DeleteDefer, and Delegate.


That’s right, Collins’ first recommendation is simple: get the job done. He also reminds us that we should focus on one task at a time as multitasking is the “enemy of effective time management”. To add to that, Edward Young’s saying, “Procrastination is the thief of time”.

3 Quick Tips to Avoid Multitasking at Work

“Do Less to Accomplish More”

  • Don’t let small tasks interrupt big ones.
  • Put away your phone and close your email. These are just distractions
  • Schedule each task especially your toughest ones

3 Quick Tips to Avoid Procrastinating at Work

  • Get organized and set goals
  • Set a deadline for yourself – Set a timer for each task


Collin advises deleting tasks that are unnecessary. He refers to the Pareto Rule also known as the 80/20 rule which is actually very simple. It positions that 20% of your efforts end up producing 80% of your results. So, when you manage your time properly you focus on the key efforts that will produce most of your results.

3 Quick Tips to Increase Productivity at Work

  • Schedule your breaks. Taking short breaks during long tasks can help you maintain a constant level of performance
  • Take care of more complicated tasks when you’re most alert
  • Manage or avoid meetings. Have standing meetings and set an agenda.


When I heard the 3rd D I was unsure what to expect. Collins’ defines ‘defer’ as meaning “Not right now” rather than, “Not ever”. So, this is where prioritizing comes in.

5 Tips to Prioritizing Tasks

  • Collect a list of tasks and identify what is urgent versus what is important.
  • Assess the value of each task. Ask yourself which tasks carry the highest value…
  • Place tasks in the order of estimated efforts. It is always ideal to start the lengthier tasks first.
  • Priorities can change however you have to stay committed to getting tasks completed
  • After organizing your tasks, look at your estimates, cut the remaining tasks and focus on what’s important.


Get help. Its important in time management to assign tasks to others to help lighten your workload.

3 Tips to Delegating Success

  • Decide what tasks need delegating and choose the right people based on their skillsets
  • Communicate tasks effectively and check-in periodically without micromanaging or being too overbearing
  • Give credit where it is due and even incentives when you can

I have concluded four things and this pretty much sums it up:

Time management is important because time is limited. We can accomplish a lot more with less effort if we simply focus and get the job done. We can reduce our stress levels and become more successful. So, follow the 4D’s and share below if they helped you to manage your time better.

With Love Tal


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