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Dancehall recording artiste Blade Supnelse has been creating an international buzz with his new single ‘Tek Off’. The single produced by Offshore Productions and 3MP Studios speaks to the lack of support for young talents in the initial stage of development until their careers start to flourish. The independent artiste who resides in Atlanta Georgia has been receiving support from underground and mainstream media in New York, Florida and Atlanta for the single.

Known for his raunchier single ‘TWF’ which features cameo appearances of DHQ Sher and Jodi Couture in the video, Supnelse is not new to the Jamaican dancehall scene. Eager to promote ‘Tek Off’ in Jamaica, the ‘TWF’ artiste has started to promote the single locally. “This song is very real. When people listen to ‘Tek Off’ they share that they have been through similar situations where they are ignored in the initial building stage, but once success comes, others start to come around” said Supnelse.

The ‘Tek Off’ artiste who recently won the award for ‘Favourite Reggae Scene Artiste for 2018 – 2019’ at the Dancehall Scene Awards in Atlanta describes himself as ‘determined’ and ‘resilient’. He added, “I have been receiving so much support for the single and overall my career, but I had to keep my circle small and focus on success and not the bandwagonist in the industry”.

The video for ‘Tek Off’ was shot by Crish Media and Votc in Miami, Florida. Since the single’s release, radio stations such as Irie Fm in Jamaica, Irie Jam Radio in New York, 107.9 in Atlanta and Fresh Station to name a few have been in support. Deejays such as Boom Boom, HottaRice, Negus British, Copper Ash from Coppershot Sound, and Proper English are also among the long list of supporters of the single. Blade Supnelse can be followed on Instagram @Supnelse and his singles ‘Tek Off’ and ‘TWF’ are available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.

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