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After The Release Innovation Challenge Community College Tour, Appfinity Technologies selected a group of students from Portmore Community College along with their lecturer Tanya Graham for a private educational seminar. The seminar showcased a series of new innovative software and encouraged students to become innovative in the areas of software creation.

Appfinity Technologies offers software as a service in various areas such as Education, Medical Technology, Customer Service and Banking. The company also develops and integrates customized software products for various industry verticals, whether it’s a new software product, existing product, offline product, redesign or an online tool. “It’s really good to see that Appfinity’s team took the time out to invite a selected number of students to their office for this opportunity. The Release is placing a lot of focus on educating these students; it’s not just about the entertainment” said Talisa Taylor, Executive Producer and Host of The Release.

Appfinity Technologies will be providing a cash prize of $50,000.00 to the student who wins The Release Innovation Challenge if their invention is software related in any of the categories of food, fashion, music and technology. To enter the challenge, students can sign up online at

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